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5 Unconventional Rules for Social Media Marketing Success

It doesn’t matter if you’re a revered thought leader or a career-minded professional looking to increase your visibility, you likely share one common experience–the love/hate relationship with social media. It’s a wild world of content, clicks, tweets, shares, and the occasional viral sensation. You want to have an impact online, deliver value to your audience, and master the art of digital charisma; and you want to do it without losing your sanity. Apply these five irreverent techniques to your social media strategy and actions to reduce your stress and effort while delivering value to your audience consistently.

Be a Serial Killer

Think of your social feeds as the latest binge-worthy series. Instead of one-off wonder posts, craft a saga that keeps your followers yearning for more. Tell your story in a series of gripping articles or videos. For example, if you create a five-article series called The Five Best Tips for Leading Remote Teams, you can create an overview article with brief descriptions of your five tips, and 5 additional articles, that are a deeper dive into each tip. Then you can use flashbacking to get your readers to interact with the previous installment (“In article 2 in this series, I shared…). And you can use foreshadowing to spark anticipation for the next.

Repeat Yourself

Most of your online connections don’t see most of what you post. Unless you are Taylor Swift and your audience is made up of Swifties, most people aren’t waiting for your new article or infographic. And if they aren’t online at the right time or actively searching for your content, they likely won’t see it. On LinkedIn, for example, only about 6% to 7.5% see each post. That means, when you work hard to produce a valuable piece of thought leadership, repost, recycle, and remix your content.

Cheat, Lie, and Steal

It’s actually more like borrowing. When you curate content that others created, you can make their hard work visible to your audience. When you precede your post that includes a link to their content and add your point of view, you’re making their content more valuable. As a result, some of the authorship rubs off on you. Of course, you need to be grateful and thank the contributor and acknowledge their brilliant work. But, if you just share it without making it more valuable and adding your perspective, it’s almost like you didn’t post it at all.

Halve The Effort, Double The Impact

Halve your workload and double your dazzle by co-creating content with a friend or colleauge. Collaborate on an article, video or podcast, and suddenly, you’re not just a thought-leader, you’re part of a content team. Share the creation, share the sharing, and share the acclaim. Then watch as your social clout compounds.

Be An Outsourcerer

No, that’s no a typo. Do your outsourcing with the magic of a sorcerer. From idea generation to proofreading perfection, let AI do some of the heavy lifting. Use ChatGPT and other generative AI tools to add some otherworldly zing to how you make things happen. AI can be your muse to generate new, interesting ideas, your editor to make sure the article is coherent and complete, and your proofreader to ensure it’s grammatically correct. AI can also come up with a title that has high SEO value and a summary you can use in promoting it. It’s not cheating; it’s charmingly efficient outsourcery.

Use these five irreverent rules to impact your social media universe. Embrace them, and watch as your social media presence expands. Remember, in the world of pixels and posts, it’s not just about being seen; it’s about being unforgettable.

William Arruda is a keynote speaker, co-founder of CareerBlast.TV and co-creator of BrandBoost – a virtual, video-fueled course to help you grow your self-awareness and amp up your personal brand.


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