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Mendunia! Produk Kota Bandung Bakal Hadir di 4 Musim

“So much exposure and extraordinary achievements have been achieved by the Bandung City Dekranasda. The city of Bandung has an attraction for people who visit here. In fact, it has earned the nickname Paris van Java,” said Linda.

In order to excel in the international market, Linda said, the city of Bandung must focus on comparative advantages. One way is by analyzing SWOT (strength, weakness, opportunity, threat).

“After knowing the SWOT analysis, we also need to know the advantages of other products. So we can compete with them,” he said.

He added that MSME players and the Bandung City Dekranasda could take advantage of the import gap in the virtual business matching agenda with South Korea. If Bandung City products are able to meet South Korea’s needs, then Bandung City can become a sustainable exporter.

“In Korea we have four seasons. Make sure that every season we have our products, so that they continue to need products from the city of Bandung. That way we can become a sustainable exporter,” he said.

He added that this opportunity must be pursued to further stimulate the economy of Bandung City. Moreover, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit, not a single economic activity could survive. The pandemic attacks all aspects of life.

“Here, the role of the government, through the Bandung City Dekranasda, is to support MSMEs to get back on their feet. Finally, as I heard, Bandung is really becoming attractive as a granary and role model for other cities,” said Linda.

According to him, the agility of MSMEs is also fully supported by the pentahelix strategy. This is a strategy to collaborate with other parties with the aim of achieving Superior Bandung.

“One of them is by making rental fees free at Pasar Creative malls. So, the prices of MSME products will be more affordable for consumers. Let’s work with heart, with care, with lots of heart,” he added.

Responding to this, the Daily Chair of the Bandung City Dekranasda, Elly Wasliah, explained that as many as 292 business actors took part in the 2023 Bandung Creative Market.

He said that there are 7 malls in Bandung City that have collaborated with Dekranasda Bandung City, including Bandung Indah Plaza (BIP), Trans Studio Mall (TSM), 23 Paskal, The Kings Shopping Center, Festival Citylink, Cihampelas Walk, and Paris Van Java (PVJ). Creative Markets in these malls do not charge rental fees, only cleaning and electricity fees.

“There are 3 Creative Market locations where the turnover reached billions, such as at TSM as much as IDR 2.9 billion. PVJ as much as IDR 2.1 billion. Then at Paskal as much as IDR 1.6 billion. Then at the Citylink Festival we also got a turnover of more than IDR 1 billion,” said Elly.

He further said that there are several upcoming agendas that will be implemented by the Bandung City Dekranasda, namely virtual business matching with South Korea, the Semarang Food Beverage & Chef Festival, the Bandung Great Sale, and the Bandung City Dekranasda Business Actors Meeting.

“Our product that is most in demand in South Korea is the eco print scarf. We have also collaborated with Uniqlo to sell Dekranasda products at the Citylink Festival for two years,” he explained.

“There are 6 business actors who will be shown for 1 year. Then the remaining 6 will be shown next,” said Elly. (din)**

Head of the Bandung City Communication and Information Office

Yayan A. Brilyana


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