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PSCE Grant: A Growth Tool for Quebec Businesses

The PSCE Grant (Programme de soutien à la commercialisation et à l’exportation) is a pivotal tool for any business in Quebec looking to strengthen its presence provincially, federally and internationally. To remain competitive, consumer diversification and international reach are key drivers, however this requires capital which may not be easily accessible to all. 

To empower local businesses in achieving these goals, the Quebec government offers a valuable resource known as the PSCE grant. In this article, we will explore the ins and outs of the PSCE grant, and the steps businesses require to take advantage of this incredible funding opportunity.

What is the PSCE Grant?

After a successful intake in 2022, the PSCE has been re-designed to better align with businesses’ needs. The program is now divided into three streams: 

Stream 1: Strengthening the Quebec Market 

This stream specifically targets projects focused on marketing in Quebec. It aims to support the integration of Quebec products or services into the province’s strategic supply chains and local public markets. Eligible businesses can apply for funding up to $250,000, with a 50% assistance rate on eligible expenses. It’s important to note that the minimum eligible expense is $25,000. The key criterion for this stream is that projects must meet the requirements of a private or public client in Quebec. 

Stream 2: Commercial Expansion Outside Quebec 

This stream is for projects targeting markets outside Quebec targeting up to three markets. Proposed activities should focus on export preparation, consolidation, or diversification of foreign markets. In this stream, the maximum assistance amount for a company is $100,000, with a minimum required expense of $25,000. The maximum assistance rate varies based on the situation. Only companies with over 1M$ in revenues are eligible. 

Stream 3: Projects for Large Enterprises

This stream is similar to the second stream except it only welcomes companies with a revenue of over $100M. 

Eligible projects under the PSCE Grant: 

  • Market Expansion: Supporting businesses in entering new markets, both domestically and internationally, to increase their customer base and revenue streams. 
  • Export Readiness: Enhancing the export capabilities of businesses by providing resources for product adaptation, compliance with regulations, and cultural understanding. 
  • Marketing and Promotion: Assisting businesses in developing effective marketing strategies and promotional campaigns tailored to target markets. 
  • Capacity Building: Offering opportunities for businesses to enhance their operational capacities, such as manufacturing, quality control, and logistics, to meet the demands of new markets. 
  • Networking and Collaboration: Encouraging businesses to establish meaningful connections and partnerships within their industry and target markets. 

How to apply to the PSCE Grant? 

To unlock the benefits of the PSCE grant, Quebec businesses need to navigate a structured application process: 

  • Pre-qualification: Quebec-based businesses that are registered and in good standing with the appropriate regulatory bodies are typically eligible to apply for the PSCE grant. However, specific eligibility requirements may vary. It is important to confirm your eligibility before starting the work.  
  • Application drafting (Project/Budget/Timeline): Businesses interested in the grant must have a comprehensive project proposal that outlines the scope, objectives, activities, budget, and expected outcomes of their proposed project. It is also required to provide quotes for any identified expense. With all the information gathered, drafting the application will become possible. We will be able to demonstrate a clear articulation between the project and its contribution to PSCE’s various goals. 
  • Evaluation and Approval: Once applications are submitted, they undergo a rigorous evaluation process. Successful applicants receive funding agreements and are provided with guidelines for project implementation, reporting, and compliance. 

Don’t Have the Time or Resources to Apply?

You can still claim this grant! Consult with a Leyton professional for free and they can utilize their expertise to apply to the grant for you!

Don’t miss your chance to enhance your global and local competitiveness, and contribute to the economic vitality of the province without any heavy lifting!


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