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The Best Social Media Marketing Tools to Work With in 2024

The Best Social Media Marketing Tools to Work With

The editors at Solutions Review compiled a list of the best social media marketing platforms to pay attention to based on their reputation, service offerings, and overall user experience.

Social media marketing is one of the fundamental pillars of a successful marketing strategy. However, since each platform has different trends and rules, developing, deploying, and manually maintaining your brand’s presence on each can be time-consuming. Plenty of social media marketing tools can help, but finding one with the capabilities your team needs and wants is easier said than done. To help make your search a bit easier, our editors have profiled some of the best social media marketing tools and platforms worth considering.

The social media solutions on this list can go a long way toward streamlining how your company interacts with its audience, expanding its brand awareness, and creating meaningful connections with prospective and active customers. The providers on this list were selected using a meta-analysis that combines user sentiment across the web’s most trusted software review sites with our internal criteria.

The Best Social Media Marketing Tools

Sprout Social

Sprout Social - logo

Description: Sprout Social is an “all-in-one” social media marketing management platform for enterprises, agencies, and small businesses. Its AI-powered tools can help companies personalize social interactions, amplify brand awareness, gather customer intelligence, drive sales, improve efficiency, and personalize content. The platform has features for social media analytics, engagement, publishing, automated scheduling, social listening, collaboration, workflows, bot builders, and customizable inbox rules that allow users to reliably and automatically categorize, manage, and measure their inbound marketing messages.


Description: Hootsuite is one of the marketplace’s most well-known social media management tools. The platform helps marketers and users publish content, track engagement, monitor trends, compare performance to competitors, utilize paid advertisements, and analyze social content. Users can save time and resources by scheduling and managing automated posts across all major social networks from a single calendar dashboard. Additional social media management and marketing features include AI-powered content creation, social listening, employee advocacy, customer engagement tools, social advertising, and integrations with major social media platforms and other applications.

Zoho Social

Description: Zoho is a multinational company specializing in software development, cloud computing, and web-based business tools across business categories. With Zoho Social, marketers can schedule unlimited posts, monitor the metrics that matter to them, and create custom reports to analyze their social media performance. Its capabilities include flexible scheduling tools, publishing calendars, a social media monitoring dashboard, customer interaction tracking, direct messaging, social analytics, content approval workflows, custom reports, mobile access, integrations with Zoho’s other marketing tools, and access to Zia, an AI-powered assistant designed to help users generate and schedule their content.


Description: HubSpot offers a variety of capabilities centered around marketing, sales, and customer service. HubSpot’s free CRM connects all the data users need to run effective marketing campaigns, and their marketing hub comes with easy-to-use customization options. Its Marketing Hub suite also includes social media marketing tools to help users manage their campaigns from a central location, monitor customer engagement, and attribute business value to their social media efforts. Specific capabilities include an AI-powered social post generator, keyword monitoring, out-of-the-box social reports, and other tools for nurturing customer relationships and growing brand awareness.


Description: Semrush is an online visibility management SaaS platform and marketing suite for global companies across industries of all sizes. Its suite includes products for content marketing, SEO, competitor research, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and more. Its social media marketing capabilities include competitor analysis, social calendar management, customizable message templates, conversation tracking, brand reputation management, data-driven recommendations, automated reporting tools, data visualizations, community management, paid advertising, and tools for drafting, scheduling, and posting content to various social media platforms.


Description: Loomly is a social media management platform designed to help marketing teams, managers, influencers, marketing agencies, local businesses, and SMBs create and schedule social media posts that resonate with their audiences. Its features include automated publishing tools, content calendars, audience targeting, sponsored posts, custom user permissions, real-time collaboration functionalities, built-in scheduling, campaign management, hashtag tracking, social analytics, community management, and other tools to help marketers reach new customers and develop their online brand awareness.


SocialPilot - logo

Description: SocialPilot is a SaaS social media marketing suite for marketing agencies, businesses, creators, professionals, and small to medium-sized companies that want to improve their social media presence. With support for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and other platforms, SocialPilot can make it easy for users to respond to comments and maintain their content calendars. Additional features include social media analytics, bulk scheduling, scheduling tools, a social inbox for all the major social media sites, team management, ready-to-use content templates, integrations with other marketing platforms, and an AI Assistant to help generate social media ideas, copy, and hashtags.


Description: Birdeye is an AI-powered platform designed to help multi-location businesses improve brand awareness, grow their social media audience, and optimize customer experiences. For example, its AI-powered social media management toolkit enables users to publish, engage, and report on their efforts across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Twitter, and other platforms. The toolkit includes capabilities for social media publishing, scheduling, AI-fueled content generation, asset libraries, automated workflows, visual content calendars, social engagement monitoring, performance tracking, analytics, reporting, and more.


MeetEdgar - logo

Description: MeetEdgar is a social media scheduling and management tool created to help freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and teams create, schedule, publish, and automate their social media content creation efforts. The platform can automatically share posts to Facebook pages and groups, Instagram feeds and stories, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. Other features include unlimited scheduled posts, A/B testing options, link tracking, real-time data insights, and more. The Edgar tool will also catalog your team’s updates, sort them into customizable categories, and publish them based on your set scheduling prerequisites.


Description: Simplified is an AI-powered design and collaboration platform to help modern marketing teams create on-brand content across multiple social channels. For example, its social media management tool can integrate with a company’s Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google accounts, making it easy for users to engage with customers, post content, launch ad campaigns, and manage accounts from a single dashboard. Other AI-driven features include content calendar management, automated content creation, a social media inbox, approval workflows, social media listening, custom video thumbnails, and integrations with other relevant marketing tools.


Buffer - logo

Description: Buffer is a streamlined social media management suite that provides companies with publishing, analytics, engagement, and team collaboration tools. These tools include custom landing pages, performance tracking, social media campaign management, customer engagement, and an AI-powered assistant to help users generate content. Users can also schedule and publish content on an automated schedule or at a custom time across social media channels like Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, Shopify, Pinterest, and other platforms, all from a single dashboard.


Act-On - logo

Description: Act-On provides a marketing solution suite capable of streamlining or eliminating many tasks marketers are responsible for managing. It tracks and collects analytics automatically and uses the information to improve marketing techniques. With its social media automation tools, marketers can enhance their brand reputation, drive engagement amongst target audiences, and generate tangible value from their social media efforts. Capabilities include social media campaign management,  a publishing platform, social listening, built-in social media advocacy, performance tracking,  reporting dashboards, and more.


Description: SALESmanago is a no-code CDP and marketing automation platform that combines advanced analytics and AI-powered automation to provide customizable experiences for fashion, finance, travel, beauty, pharmacy, and other markets. The service’s social media marketing and management capabilities include real-time custom audience building, user behavior tracking, sales chats, and more. It also provides users the functionalities they need to automate social posts, ad campaigns, customer data collection, event tracking, and Facebook Messenger conversations.


ContentStudio - logo

Description: ContentStudio is a content marketing and social media management platform for marketing teams, agencies, small businesses, and enterprises. The platform’s social media management capabilities can help marketers optimize content automation campaigns, set predetermined posting times across multiple social channels, bulk upload social posts, and automatically reshare evergreen content. Other relevant features available on the ContentStudio platform include competitor analytics, content approval workflows, social media customer service, multi-channel social analysis, automated white-labeled reports, social media automation, and more.


Description: PromoRepublic is a local marketing intelligence platform that provides multi-location businesses, franchises, and marketing agencies the tools they need to manage brand consistency, local SEO, reviews, and social media. With its social media marketing tool, users can manage their organic and paid social media material from a single platform. Other features include social boosting tools, automatic content localization, dynamic fields, hyper-localized social advertising, automated scheduling, customizable templates, customer communication management, social listening, a library of pre-built content templates, and more.


NapoleonCat - logo

Description: NapoleonCat is a social media management platform designed to help digital brand owners and marketers grow their brand on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, YouTube, and Google My Business. Users can monitor, analyze, automate, schedule, report, and optimize their social media efforts with a suite of social media management tools. Those include social media analytics, customer reports, social CRM, omnichannel publishing tools, and social media automation features for sales, customer service, analytics, ad moderation, scheduling, publishing, workflows, and more.


Storychief - logo

Description: StoryChief is a centralized, collaborative platform to help editorial teams and social media managers distribute their content and measure multi-channel content performance from one place. It can integrate with CMS, DAM, and CRM systems and includes social media tools for automating posts across multiple channels, analyzing accounts, managing a social calendar of posts, tracking customer engagement analytics, and more. Other capabilities include SEO copywriting assistance, content data management, AI-powered keyword generation, content collaboration, and integrations with platforms like Shopify, Wix, Drupal, Contentful, and WordPress.


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