• Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

BrewDog founder launches social media marketing platform

Here’s how it works. Anyone can buy a product, post about it, then claim a cash reward via the new Social Tip platform.

‘Real people trust real people over slick advertising and sponsored content,’ is the philosophy of the new Social Tip app.

Social Tip has already partnered with more than 30 brands such as CBD drinks brand TRIP and gym chain PureGym ahead of its launch this summer.

Shaking up influencer marketing

James Watt stepped down from his role as CEO of BrewDog last month after 17 years building up the globally-successful Scottish craft brewer.

This week, he’s announced his next project: Social Tip, which aims to shake up the £24bn influencer marketing scene with an AI-based algorithm to reward ‘genuine, loyal fans’.

Social media users can post about a brand, and are then rewarded according to the level of engagement with their post.

The venture has been inspired by BrewDog’s own marketing success: where it was the brand’s consumers that built up a cult following.

“This new business builds on everything I have learned from almost two decades at the cutting edge of marketing whilst building BrewDog,” said Watt.

“None of the wildest campaigns, craziest stunts or cleverest advertising even came close to the brand building power of genuine peer to peer recommendations.


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